Crackers machine line

Crackers machine line is commonly used in firecrackers factory in China. It have been run for 10 years.
crackers knitting machine
Crackers Knitting machine

Crackers’ machine line is commonly used in China. Mostly China firecrackers factories have produced by the whole machine line.

The machine line has shown more advantages such as safety produce, at the same specification of paper tube, stand quality, high capacity, low casts of produce, etc.

A whole crackers machine line includes some different function machines such as tube machine, binding machine, cutting tube machine, sealing machine, insert fuse machine, filling chemical machine, Sealing top of tube, knitting machine, paste label machine.

  1. Brief of introduction of Process Produced firecrackers
program of crackers machine line
This is program of crackers machine line

Different function machine make different step in produce process.

2. Brief of introduction for main machines

2.1 Rolling tube machine

crackers tube machine1

2.2 Binding tube machine

Binding tube machine

2.3 Cutting and sealing of tube machine

2.4 Insert fuse machine

2.5 Filling chemical machine

2.6 Knitting machine

2.7 Paste label machine.