Fireworks Machine Line

Different fireworks machine line include some different function machines, more information for program produced fireworks and machines.

Shell Machine Line

1. Program of shell line Paper—-shaping bowl—-setting up delay fuse—-setting up with star and blast charge—-pasting paper—-setting up lifting charge—-warehouse 2. Main Machines 2.1 Sieving

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Fuse Machine Line

Brief of induction fuse machine line There are 2 category fuse in fuse item, one is crackers fuse, another is delay fuse. 1 Crackers fuse

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Fountain Machine Line

1. Program of fountain produced 2. Main machine There are some different function machine in fountain line. 2.1 Tube machine 2.2 Binding tube machine 2.3

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Cake machine Line

Cake is the biggest fireworks item in market, cake machine line automatic produce a lot of various cake.

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